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Patch 1.11

All of our Sentinels and Initiators are getting role and abilities-specific tuning, with the start of First Strike in mind. Read the deeper dive below for our thinking here. Updates to our match economy ruleset (the way credits are distributed after a round) should alter decision-making when the round or your loadout is on the line. 

Build me a VALORANT Battlepass

The Battlepass is a path of various rewards for the time you spend tapping heads and planting Spikes in VALORANT. It’s a feature all players engage with, so we (the Premium Content team) want to make sure the pass is broadly appealing. That doesn’t mean every player will love everything; however, every player should love at least something.

Competitive Policies & Rules for VALORANT Esports

Today, we are releasing the first versions of competitive policies that will serve as the cornerstones of VALORANT esports. Over the past few months, the feedback you shared has been invaluable in helping us identify the necessary structures to ensure the current, and future, competitive integrity of our sport. Thank you to the many players, teams, fans, and tournament operators whose contributions helped shape the policies we are releasing today.

VALORANT Patch Notes 1.10

You already know about our latest map, Icebox. You’ve even stuck your head in the freezer to run scrims. Hopefully, you’ll be happy to learn we’ve weighed Unrated queue to favor getting Icebox (at least for the first part of this patch).

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