1a. Tournament Administration

  • By registering, participants acknowledge to comply with all rules set and final decisions made by the moderators of Valorant PH and Globe Telecom.

1b. Tournament Communication

  • All forms of communication shall only be made through Mogul or the designated channels at Valorant PH’s Discord.
  • To join the Valorant PH’s Discord you need to react at the #server-access channel and react at the #get-roles-here channel.

1c. Region and Time Zone

  • This tournament is only open for players in this region: Philippines.
  • The time zone that will be used in the tournament schedule will be Hong Kong Time (GMT +8).
  • If any player even with a Philippine based Mogul account is found that he/she is not based in the Philippines, will be banned from any future Valorant PH event.

1d. Code of Conduct

  • All teams and players must agree to behave in a sportsmanlike conduct towards their fellow participants, the staff and the moderators. We do not promote toxic behavior such as hate or racist language. This applies to all forms of communication through Discord, Lobby/In-Game Chat and Mogul.


  • Champion – Php 60,000 Cash
  • 2nd Place – Php 30,000 Cash
  • 3rd and 4th Place – Php 20,000 Cash / Php 10,000 Cash
  • Prize money will be given out only to the winning team Captain. Prize transfer is through GCash. Valorant PH has the right to withhold any pending payments of prize money and distribution of physical prizes if major disputes have been made against the winning team. This goes the same with the physical prizes.
  • Delivery for physical prizes will only be made to the team Captain. In the event that the physical prizes are stolen, lost or damaged while in the courier’s possession, Valorant PH will not be liable but will assist with any issues to the best of our capability.
  • All prize money should ideally be paid out 30 to 90 banking days after the tournament, but it may take as long as 120 days for the payment to be completed. In any case, the distribution may come early as the given dates.


3a. Team Composition

  • A team must comprise of at least five (5) members. They have an option to include one (1) reserve player. Please message in the tournament chat after you have registered on Mogul for the name of the reserve player. The team must provide a team name, team logo and the final roster.
  • Team members must be Filipino but not limited to Philippine residents.
  • Team members must have both a Mogul and Discord account. Only players registered through Mogul can participate. Any team that plays with a different account will be warned prior to the start of the match. If a match is played with an invalid account, the team will be automatically disqualified.
  • No show participants from this tournament will be banned for the next Valorant PH event. Ban will be lifted after the said event. Also, if a team has already registered through Mogul and changes roster without informing moderators, Mogul’s system will automatically take their team out if the team has less than 5 registered players.

3b. Tournament Check-In

Failure to comply with the following requirements will be deemed a no-show

  • Team Captains must report to the Captains’ Briefing Room at the Valorant PH Server STRICTLY by 1:00 PM.
  • Teams must be already in the server and checked-in on Mogul STRICTLY by 1:45 PM.
  • Teams must be in their assigned voice channels in the Valorant PH Tournament Hub until you have completed all your remaining matches throughout the tournament.

3c. Match Stream

  • Admins may request at any given time a POV stream on Discord from any of the team members. Streaming on any other platform is not allowed. Failure to do so may result in disqualification.

3d. Match Check-In

  • Team members must individually check-in on Mogul at least fifteen minutes (15) of each matchup. Failure to do so will result in forfeiture.

3e. Match Format

  • Semi-Finals and Grand Finals are Best-of-3 (Bo3)
  • Battle for 3rd Place is Best-of-1 (Bo1) and will start at the same time as the Grand Finals
  • Bo3: There is a time limit of a maximum of five (5) minutes (collectively) and can be used two (2) times. After that, the game must be continued, or the lacking team has an option to forfeit. This option is only available for the following reasons: disconnection, power outage or PC/Game problems.


4a. In-game Lobby Creation:

Semi-Finals & Grand Finals

Tournament Mode: ON || Overtime: ON, until winner is decided || Cheats: OFF || Maps: Ascent, Bind, Haven or Split

4b. Match Format

Bo3 – Pick, Random (The team on the left side of the match page will stay on the left side of the match lobby. The team on the right side of the match page will stay on the right side of the match lobby.

4c. Hosting

  • Team on the left side of the matchup hosts the lobby with each team able to request a rehost once.
  • All streamed matches will be hosted by the tournament admins.

4d. Match Delay

  • Any delays that impact the flow of the tournament will result in a disqualification from the tournament. Any delay of the match start-up must be reported and approved by a Valorant PH moderator.

4e. Match Pause

  • If at any given time, a player encounters a problem that prevents him from the playing the game, the player can use the pause function. However, pausing can only happen during the buy phase. If a player lags out or disconnects mid round, that round must be played out.
  • There is a time limit of a maximum of five (5) minutes (collectively) and can be used two (2) times. After that, the game must be continued, or the lacking team has an option to forfeit. This option is only available for the following reasons: disconnection, power outage or PC/Game problems.
  • A tactical timeout of one (1) minute will be allowed ONCE per match per team during the Semi-Finals & Grand Finals. They have to inform the marshall when the rounds ends, not during the round.

4f. Match Result

  • Winning teams are required to upload a screenshot of the match containing the results and scores at their respective match page. Failure to do so may end in forfeiting their win in case of a dispute.


  • The following actions will result in an immediate disqualification for the team and a permanent ban for every Valorant PH event. The team and its individual members will also be put on probation status in the Valorant PH Discord:
    • Any forms of cheating and hacking
    • Match Fixing
    • Exploiting game glitches that break the nature of the game
  • Account Piloting
  • Teams reporting cheats must provide concrete proof such as screenshots or vods and submit to the moderators of Valorant PH.

Bren Esports                 Chimaera                      ATLAS                              AG.Nefarious

Champion                            1st Runner Up                     2nd Runner Up                    3rd Runner Up

Php 60,000                          Php 30,000 Cash                Php 20,000 Cash                 Php 10,000 Cash



Bren Esports 4-0

Chimaera 2-3

AG.Nefarious 0-3




25 Oct 2020 (3:25 pm)        |       Bren Esports vs. AG.Nefarious                       2-0


25 Oct 2020 (6:28 pm)        |     Chimaera vs. ATLAS                                                   2-1



25 Oct 2020 (3:25 pm)        |      Bren Esports vs. Chimaera                                2-0


25 Oct 2020 (6:28 pm)        |      AG.Nefarious vs. ATLAS                                          11-13


Round 1 Round 2
BREN Esports 
October 25, 2020
BREN Esports 3:25 am AG.Nafarious
BREN Esports
October 25, 2020
BREN Esports 10:07 am Chimaera
October 25, 2020
Chimaera 6:28 am ATLAS

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